Staying Motivated to get Your Workout In

It can happen to even the most fitness conscious, the professional athlete, and those who generally love working out. The lull in motivation, or a day when it's simply harder to get yourself moving, and out the door for you run, bike, or weight training session. Whatever the reason, perhaps stress, a long day, or an overall level of fatigue, battling a bout of the workout blahs is something everyone has to face at one time or another. The key is how you handle a loss of motivation to go to the gym or get your workout in, and that is what separates the people who continue to live a healthy, active life and those who let a few lapses in their workout turn from days, into weeks, into years.

To get yourself pumped up and motivated to workout when you may not feel like it is all about changing your point of view and getting yourself excited to get a sweat session in. The old saying, "fake it 'til you make it" comes into play. Even if you really don't feel like going to the gym, pretend you do, give yourself a pep-talk and think about how good you'll feel when you are done. Here are some tips:

* If you wake up early to get your workout in before work, have all of your things packed and your shoes ready, so all you need to do is get out of bed and get out the door.
* If you're going to the gym after work, have your bag packed so you can go directly there instead of home first. If you have to fight the temptation sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, the odds of you getting your workout in lessen!
* Envision how great you'll feel once you get your workout done. You'll have that rush of endorphins, and you can bet you'll be glad you went to the gym.
* Tell yourself you'll only do a short bout if you are dreading your usual routine. If you usually do an hour of cardio, tell yourself you'll just do 30 minutes then see how you feel. Often, once you actually get started you'll be motivated to keep going and will usually be able to do your full routine.
* Fill your iPod with the best workout music that will get you pumped up and ready to sweat! Listening to music is also found to make your workouts more effective as you push yourself to work harder.
* Plan a race, event, game, or goal in the near future. Everyone works better with a definitive goal they are striving toward. Find out if there is a local 5k run, or triathlon you can enter. It'll be harder to brush off a workout if you know you are training for something.
* Finally, remember why you love to stay fit and workout. Know that everyone battles a lack of motivation some days, but know that is the rarity. Remember how good you feel pushing yourself and keeping your body healthy and that tomorrow your outlook will probably be different!

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