Strength Training: Two Different Approaches

When it comes to strength training, some people may think of maxing out on the bench press or curling dumbbells large enough to take out a small building. But that is not always the case; in fact for the majority of people looking to get in shape or lose weight that is not going to be the case. When it comes to lifting weights in the gym there are two different methods that will get you two different results.

There are those that are looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass;
these are more often than not men who are aiming to impress others with their ripping muscles and bulging biceps or athletes competing in such sports as football or others where size and power are essential. These exercisers will then be the ones focusing on all out power lifts, going for higher weights and less repetitions, and then taking a full rest to recover between sets. They will generally start out with a heavy weight load and a set of say 10 reps, then cut down on the number of reps while going up in weight so that by their last set they may only be doing 3 or 4 reps but the weight load is at their maximum effort. This is then going to give them the results and significant increase in size they are looking for; but for the many people looking to tone up this kind of training is not necessary.

Many athletes, long distance runners included, and fitness fanatics will hit the weight room to gain overall strength and increase muscle tone by opting for less weight load but more reps. This will give you a leaner look versus the buffed out and cut appeal. Workouts like these may only have you lifting say 5 or 10 pounds for bicep curls, which may not seem like all that much, but you will then be doing sets of 12 to 15 reps. By the last few you should be feeling the burn. Along with this approach it is often common to then limit the amount of recovery between exercises and do what is called circuit training. In circuit training you will combine exercises, say bicep curls and tricep dips, to be done one after the other for each set. By doing these strength moves back to back you will also keep your heart rate elevated and in turn be burning significantly more calories should you have instead done a full rest between each move.

Doing circuit training is a great way to boost your metabolism, increase muscle tone, blast fat, and get you overall stronger and leaner.
Women who are afraid of getting too bulky from lifting weights should not avoid the weight room because that is a myth and in fact you will be missing out on the many benefits of weight training; a faster metabolism among them. So if those Arnolds hefting those huge weights seem daunting, don't shy away from lifting your own weights; just stick to higher reps and less rest and you'll be torching calories and getting into your best possible shape!

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